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Sepro Labs is a full service metallurgical testing laboratory with a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate at providing practical solutions for each of their clients’ unique project.  While we are experts with the recovery and extraction methods on conventional mineral projects such as precious metals, sulphide-associated and industrial mineral commodities, Sepro Labs has also pushed the physical boundaries of applying gravity concentration to recover fine particles below 20 microns.

Sepro Labs has developed an extensive background and capability in the testing and recovery on fine particle minerals using the Falcon Continuous ‘C’ and Ultra-Fine ‘UF’ centrifugal concentrators.  Examples of successful Falcon ‘C’ and ‘UF’ application include:

  • Recovery of precious metals and sulphides from carbon pre-float streams with a P80 below 10 microns;
  • Recovery and upgrading of tin and tungsten tailings below 75 microns that was previously not recovered by other means of processing;
  • Recovery of sulphide minerals on the cyclone overflow where the use of flotation is prohibited;
  • Recovery and upgrading of tantalum and niobium from ultra-fine regrind streams where flotation is not efficient. 

Falcon C and UF concentrators are currently being used to recover ultra-fine minerals such as tin, tungsten, tantalum and niobium from tailings that was not recovered by other means of processing.  The Falcon units have been successfully installed and operating in various mines out of Australia, Canada, Mexico, Russia, U.S.A. and Vietnam. The design and commissioning of these Falcon circuits all originated from testwork performed at Sepro Labs.

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