Sepro Labs is your full-service mineral processing laboratory in Langley, British Columbia. We help mineral processing companies make data-driven, confident decisions when it comes to their current or future operations. If you’ve ever asked yourself, how can we improve mineral recovery? Is our new potential mine feasible? Are our operations up to code? Or anything else mineral processing-related, get in contact with Sepro Labs. We’ll help you find answers with our in-depth metallurgical and hydrometallurgical testing services. 

Here are the ways that Sepro Labs helps companies make data-supported decisions.

Scoping Studies

Typically, one of the first test programs that should be completed when considering a new project is a scoping study. These quick and cost-effective mineral processing testing programs help determine the economic potential of a future operation. Once you send us samples, we’ll perform mineral beneficiation tests to determine the general amenability of your ore. We’ll let you know what processes determine the best recovery for your ore.

We use a variety of metallurgical and hydrometallurgical tests during scoping studies depending on the target mineral. 

Heavy Liquid Separation

Heavy liquid separation is used to determine a sample’s amenability to Dense Media Separation. It’s a relatively simple test that separates and recovers valuable minerals at a coarse particle size. It can also help current operations determine if preconcentration will improve downstream mineral recovery efficiencies. 

Gravity Concentration

With access to a plethora of gravity separation equipment, Sepro Labs can determine how your samples will react to centrifugal concentrators, shaking tables, spirals, and our own Sepro Labs Analytical table. 

Our L40 Gravity Concentrator is also a special piece of metallurgical testing equipment that can mimic Sepro’s line of Falcon Concentrators. With all of these tools at our disposal, we can find the right form of gravity concentration for your particular operation. 


Flotation is an invaluable process for mineral recovery. This hydrometallurgical testing service uses a large range of compounds to separate minerals from gangue. Our bench-scale flotation test is one of the most common at Sepro Labs. 


Sepro Labs covers all major types of leaching, from cyanide, ammonia, alkali, chloride, acid, and column leaching, and our own Sepro intensive leach reactor. Our mineral laboratory has the capacity, equipment, and experience to undertake both small scale leaching tests and large scale, long-term projects. We’ll find out what works best for you, then optimize it!


The energy and equipment requirements for crushing an ore factor into the economic feasibility of every mine. As a preliminary step, a Bond Work Index (BWi) test is a standardized test that determines how much energy is required to crush a given ore. Sepro Labs has the full suite of bench scale crushing and grinding equipment to determine the most efficient method of processing your ore. 

Flowsheet Development and Optimization

These metallurgical and hydrometallurgical tests come after the initial scoping studies. This is where we’ll help you determine the most efficient, cost-effective, and optimal way to set up your recovery circuit. For current operations, we’ll help you identify where recoveries and/or costs can be improved. Using many of the above-mentioned tests, we’ll refine a preliminary flowsheet for optimal mineral recovery. 

Mineral Processing Compliant Studies

For Canadian operations, we’ll conduct NI 43-101 compliant studies to make sure your operation is up to code. Under the guidance of an engineering firm or consultant, we’ll carry out mineral testing services like flowsheet confirmation, variability testing, locked cycle testing, and pilot testing. Sepro also has in-house professional engineers who are qualified to ensure that compliance is being met at every stage of the mineral processing operation. 

Plant Audits

For this one, we will come to you! Sepro Labs will pay your operation a visit to conduct some testwork and see whether improvements can be made. We start by getting a thorough understanding of your operation, your goals, and your issues to come up with realistic solutions. After making recommendations, we’ll work with your team to implement and monitor the changes and make sure improvements happen. 

Custom Solutions

We have a wealth of experience dealing with the evaluation of new minerals and new technologies in our industry. Our experience with metal recovery extends outside of traditional mining as well; we also bring experience with urban metal recovery and metal-related process developments from other industries. To find out if we can provide custom solutions for your particular industry, contact Sepro Labs. 

For unbiased and accurate metallurgical and hydrometallurgical test results, contact our mineral laboratory. We have the equipment and experience to help you make the right decisions when it comes to your mineral processing applications.