To determine the full-scale recoveries of a potential mining operation, bench-scale gravity concentration testing is a crucial mineral beneficiation process. For the most accurate results, Met-Solve uses a variety of mineral processing equipment like spirals, shaking tables, and analytical tables, but our specialty lies in centrifugal gravity concentration technology.

Our Gravity Concentrators

Met-Solve Labs primarily uses a Falcon L40 Gravity Concentrator for gravity recovery testwork. This machine can mimic Sepro’s SB, C, and UF Gravity Concentrators by changing the bowl inside the L40, the feed rate and the G-forces applied to the sample. In addition, Met-Solve utilizes proprietary testing and models to determine accurate plant-scale recoveries for SB, C and UF Gravity Concentrators. This provides unmatched accuracy and versatility for testing a wide range of minerals and particle sizes. Other parameters can be altered as well, depending on your needs.

Met-Solve’s testing facility also has access to a fully operational Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator to deliver the most accurate results for predicting commercial scale-up of fine gold recovery. Our expertise with this machine provides a unique benefit to our customers. 

Accurate Mathematical Models

With access to real-world plant recovery data and an extensive database of industrial performance, Met-Solve has developed accurate mathematical models to predict the commercial production of potential mining operations based on the bench-scale metallurgical testing results. Our data is gathered from plant audits and previous forecasts, with which we can align our results.

“Based on real-world results and research, Met-Solve can accurately predict the recoveries within a standard gravity and comminution circuit using the data from gravity recoverable gold test programs.” – Danny Kwok

Additional benefits of gravity concentration testing services include:

  • Low environmental impact
  • Ultrafine (<50 micron) particle recovery is possible
  • Accurate results when there is a nugget effect within a given ore
  • Low cost testing can help demonstrate economic viability of junior mining projects to potential investors 

With the combination of the right equipment and reliable mathematical models, Met-Solve delivers unparalleled testing accuracy for future mining operations. To speak with an expert about how you can test the feasibility of your next potential mine, contact the gravity concentrator experts at Met-Solve today.