If you’re looking to identify recovery options for the metals and minerals in a mining project, Sepro Lab’s preliminary testing procedures can help. Our range of testing services, like our metallurgical scoping program, can provide valuable information to address each client’s unique needs. After gaining a thorough understanding of your objectives, we can present the ideal testing methodologies for your project which may include mineral classification, hydrometallurgy, gravity concentration or a combination of other mineral beneficiation  tests.

What is the Metallurgical Scoping Program?

For many clients, the first step in their mining journey is with our metallurgical scoping program. This testing procedure employs the three most common gold and silver beneficiation processes used in current mining operations today: gravity concentration, chemical leaching, and flotation. If the desired recovery results are reached, no further testing is required, which saves our clients money and time spent on potentially unnecessary tests.

Once the testing is complete, our technical team applies a variety of analytical and mathematical processes to compare different avenues of mineral recovery systems. Flowsheets and easy-to-understand information are written up in a detailed report, which can then be presented to potential investors, consultants, stakeholders, or process engineers.

“The Metallurgical Scoping Program is a quick and cost-effective way to do an initial evaluation of a mineral property.” – Danny Kwok

What If These Tests Deliver Unsatisfactory Results?

The metallurgical scoping program is a compact test designed to be inexpensive and informative for junior mining companies. There’s an expectation that metallurgical testing is expensive, so we’ve created our testing program to provide concrete results for a significantly lower cost than our competitors.

If more testing is needed to identify a better path to mineral recovery, our experience and knowledgeable staff will design a custom testing program. The key to creating an ideal path to mineral recovery is having both the right combination of equipment and the expertise to make the correct adjustments. With decades of metallurgical testing experience and access to Sepro’s mineral processing equipment, our staff is well equipped to handle even the toughest of projects.

For more information about Sepro Lab’s metallurgical testing procedures, like our mineral scoping program, give us a call at +1 604-888-7604. We’re looking forward to helping you identify the most effective solutions for your mining projects.