There is always something interesting going on at Sepro Labs, the Sepro metallurgical testing facility. Our team is happy to lend their expertise to help you optimize your mineral processing project. Whether it’s dense media separation testing or bench-scale selective flotation testing, our team can find the right mineral testing process for your project.

In our latest mini-video series, we take viewers behind the scenes to learn more about some of the mineral testing methods and equipment we use during our tests. Check out all of our latest videos from the lab below!

The Flotation Process

How familiar are you with the flotation process? Get a glimpse into our flotation testing capabilities and learn more about the flotation process in this video. We also provide an in-depth look into the bench-scale selective flotation tests that we are regularly conducting in our mineral laboratory.

Shaking Tables

Shaking tables are commonly used for secondary concentration applications, such as producing smeltable gold concentrates from a centrifugal gravity circuit. These flowing film gravity concentrators are not only used in the minerals industry but also to recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment (known as WEEE). In this video, our lab team gives us a deep dive into our shaking tables and the tests we perform with them.

Heavy Liquid Separation Testing

At Sepro Labs, before we do a full pilot scale dense media separation (DMS) study, we do heavy liquid separation (HLS) testing to determine how well a sample responds to DMS. In this video, we provide an inside look at our HLS testing process and walk you through our dense media separation testing capabilities.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for more content about mineral testing at our labs. For more information about any of our lab services or metallurgical tests, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!