Introducing the MAT

The Met-Solve Analytical Table (MAT) is a super-panner designed to determine the response of minerals and other mixed particulate materials to gravity concentration. Applications are diverse, but include quantitative analysis and concentration of such elements as gold, platinum group metals, mineral sands, chromite, tin, tantalum, tungsten, uranium, iron ore, cobalt, and many other metals and minerals.

Included with the MAT table are 2 decks. The flat deck is used to determine the gravity concentration amenability of fine and ultrafine samples from 212 microns to below 37 microns. This deck is useful for applications such as optimizing flotation or gravity concentrates, evaluating de-sliming of heavy mineral deposits, or scavenging fine gold and sulphides from leach of flotation tailings. The V-deck is used for coarse samples with particle sizes above 200 microns and up to 2mm. Typical applications include evaluation of free gold recovery in placer or alluvial deposits, cleaning of concentrates, or scavenging from tailings. In addition to the longitudinal oscillation found on the flat-deck, the V-deck employs a “knock” mechanism, which pulls materials with a high specific gravity up the table along the “V” groove.

Changing the deck is easy to accomplish and requires the use of only 2 tools. The flywheel shows the recommended amplitude, and the cam arm is simply moved from one hole to another. All units are calibrated and fully tested before shipping.


Feed Capacity50 g to 250 g of solids
Particle Size (Flat Deck)Minus #70 mesh (-212 um)
Particle Size (V-Deck)Plus #70 to Minus #12 mesh (200 – 2000 um)
Typical Fluidization Water Requirement0.25 – 1 gpm (1 – 4 L/min)
Table Drive½ HP (360 watt)
Table Net Weight330 lbs (150 kg)
Shipping Weight and Dimension680 lbs (310 kg) 170 cm x 110 cm x 140 cm