As the latest innovation in mineral testing, we can’t help but be excited by our new microwave testwork. Developed as a result of a collaboration between Sepro, the Canada Mining Innovation Council, and a team of researchers led by Professor Erin Bobicki of the University of Alberta, microwave mineral testing has plenty to offer to the mining industry. From increased plant throughput and reduced water usage to reduced GHG emissions and potential energy savings, the microwave treatment of ores can provide numerous benefits to your next project. 

For microwave testwork, our mineral laboratory always tailors our approach to your project. Even if you have limited mineralogical data, our extensive database of microwave responses for various ores allows us to determine what the potential benefits for your project could be. If you are interested in our microwave mineral testing, don’t hesitate to contact our mineral laboratory to learn more about our testing program and how it could facilitate your project.

Before we begin microwave testwork, we want to ensure that this technology is well-suited to your project. To start, we must conduct a bench-scale evaluation on a sample of your chosen ore.

Bench-Scale Evaluation of Your Ore:

Our bench-scale evaluation is performed with two phases of test work. In the first phase of testing, we determine the amenability of microwave technology on your sample by subjecting the sample to a microwave heating test using a bench-scale microwave unit. This test allows us to establish a microwave heating behaviour curve. We also provide chemical and mineralogical analysis of the sample and compare this data with our internal microwave database to determine the amenability of the ore. If the sample responds positively, we will proceed to our next phase of testing.

Investigation of Downstream Processes:

In this phase, we investigate comparative downstream processes with and without microwave treatment. This phase can contain numerous tests such as comparative ore sorting, grinding, gravity, concentration, flotation, and cyanide leaching. With the data gained from these tests, we will be able to determine how we can successfully tailor our testing approach to your ore.

For any information about the microwave treatment of ores, or to learn more about how it could benefit your project, Sepro Labs is always available to help. Reach out to our team today!