Sepro Labs is a full-service mineral processing laboratory located in Langley, B.C., Canada. We provide metallurgical testing and a variety of lab services, including hydrometallurgy, scoping studies, flowsheet development and optimization. With the specialized pieces of equipment like the L40 Gravity Concentrator or our Dense Media Separation Pilot Plant, we work closely with our clients at all stages of development to tailor our test programs to their required level of detail and budget.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the most innovative mineral testing equipment that can help you increase mineral recovery rates in an efficient, responsible manner. 

Dense Media Separation Pilot Plant

Pre-concentration using Sepro’s Dense Medium Separator is a simple, cost-effective way to separate and recover valuable minerals at coarse particle sizes. It’s used extensively in the coal, diamond, mineral sands, base metals, and iron ore industries to remove gangue early in the mineral processing circuit. 

The benefits of a Dense Medium Separator can be significant, but only after a proper setup. Our Dense Media Separation Pilot Plant can help you determine if this process is right for you and if so, how to optimize it. 

One of the initial tests that we run is on Heavy Liquid Separation (HLS), a bench-scale testing method that helps companies optimize their Dense Medium Separator setup. 

After an HLS test, you will know which specific gravity cut points yield optimal mineral recovery. 

Watch the following video to learn more about HLS. 

L40 Gravity Concentrator

Gravity concentration plays an important role in mineral processing operations. Sepro Labs is uniquely positioned to provide both the bench-scale gravity concentrator testing and, if successful, delivery of full-size gravity concentrators to your operation. 

The L40 Gravity Concentrator is a bench-scale mineral testing unit designed to simulate the full-size Falcon SB, UF, and C models. This is done by adjusting input parameters, changing the inner bowl on the L40 and running the results through proprietary modeling software. The final outcome allows us to find the right gravity concentrator to optimize mineral recovery.

Sepro Leach Reactor

Sepro Labs can also provide agitated Intensive Leach Reactor testing which generates accurate data for scaling up to commercial operation. Extensive testing has shown that our Intensive Leach Reactors can recover over 99% of the gold from gravity concentrates and be easily incorporated into existing operations. Pilot-scale machines are also available for testing purposes in the field. 

Cyanidation is the most common method of leaching gold from ore, and even slight improvements to your recovery rates could result in millions of dollars of revenue. Studies have shown that the high energy agitation of the Sepro Leach Reactors results in the fastest leaching of coarse gravity gold with recoveries in excess of 98%

Our testing lab can help you decide if a Leach Reactor is right for you. 

Sepro Analytical Table 

The Sepro Analytical Table, formerly known as the Met-Solve Analytical Table, is used to evaluate the amenability of the following minerals to gravity concentration:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum Group Metals
  • Cassiterite
  • Tantalite
  • Wolframite
  • Scheelite
  • Metal-bearing sulphides
  • Zirconium
  • Titanium minerals
  • Chromite
  • And many more

The table has two interchangeable decks that allow mineral testing of particles from 2mm, all the way down to 37µm. Applications for the table are quite diverse, but ultimately will help you decide what form of gravity concentration is right for you. 

These are just some of the pieces of equipment we have in our full-service mineral testing facility. 

Do you have any questions about our testing equipment? Looking to optimize a future or current project? Contact our mineral testing experts at Sepro Labs today.