In the last 20 years, advancements in the design and operation of centrifugal gravity concentrators have made them the predominant method for gravity concentration of gold. Further advances in recent years has expanded the use of this technology for the recovery other heavy minerals. Sepro Mineral Systems manufactures Falcon Gravity Concentrators, one of the most common units used in the industry today. These units consist of a riffled cone or bowl that spins at high speed to create forces in excess of 60 times that of gravity. Slurry is introduced into the cone; the centrifugal force produced by rotation drives the solids toward the walls of the cone. The slurry migrates up along the wall where heavier particles are captured within the riffles. Injecting water through the holes located in the back of the riffles fluidizes the riffled area. The fluidization process prevents compaction of the concentrated bed and allows for efficient separation of heavy minerals.

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“Recent advances in ultrafine particle recovery by gravity concentration has significant implication for pushing the envelope of gold and silver recovery.”
– Ish Grewal

Just recently Ish presented a paper at the Canadian Mineral Processors (CMP) Conference in Ottawa – Advances in Centrifugal Gravity Concentration – Beyond Low Mass Yield.

Excerpt from paper:
“Gravity concentration, where applicable and effective, has the lowest installed and operating costs when compared with other beneficiation technologies.  It tends to also have the lowest environmental impact as gravity concentration does not require the use of chemicals and reagents.”